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"John Graden was an excellent guest on my show. His books and information are valuable. I look forward to working with him again."

- Dr. Oz, The Dr. Oz Show

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Stop Any Bullying Table of Contents

Foreword by Chris Sutton

Bullying is Like the Fire in the Corner

Why Zero Tolerance for Bullying is the Only Choice

Introduction by John Graden

A Different Approach to Dealing with Bullies

Section 1: The Current Landscape of Bullying

Ch. 1. Why There Will Always Be Bullying

Ch. 2. Who Defines a Bully or Bullying Action?

Ch. 3. Why Most Bully Advice is BAD

Section 2: How to Prepare Your Family for Bullying

Ch. 4. Some People Are Never Going to Be Your Friend

Ch. 5. Sociopaths and Psychopaths

Ch. 6. The Annual Family Plan

Ch. 7. Your Family Policy Supersedes School Policy

Ch. 8. The Green Light Invitation

Ch. 9. The Circle of Security Drill

Ch. 10. The Chain of Custody

Ch. 11. Shark Infested Waters

Section 3: The Smart Way to Respond to Bullying

Ch. 12. Who To Contact and Who Not To

Ch. 13. Evidence Log

Ch. 14. Send Certified Letters That Say This

Ch. 15. How to Get the Police Involved

Ch. 16. Getting the Media Involved

Ch. 17. How to Find an Attorney to Sue

Ch. 18. Know Your State Laws

Ch. 19. Putting it All Together

Section 4: Ongoing Prevention and Intervention

Ch. 20. The Truth About Self-Defense Classes

Ch. 21. The Art of Fighting Without Fighting

Ch. 22. Verbal Self-Defense

Ch. 23. The Necessity of Self-Defense

Ch. 24. Gaining and Maintaining Control of the Web

Ch. 25. Know Who Your Kids Are Hanging Out With

Ch. 26. Rules for Visiting Friend’s Homes

Ch. 27. What Happens Now?


This Book Gives Parents Control

The statistics are staggering. 77% of students are bullied yet almost half don’t tell anyone. Many kids don’t tell their parents because they don’t know what to say or how to start the conversation

This book is a game-changer for parents. It's a step-by-step process to empower families with a united plan to end bullying attacks long before they begin.

If any bullying occurs, everyone in the family already knows how to respond. It’s like a fire drill. The plan teaches families strategies and procedures to prevent, deter, and bring a swift end to the bullying, usually without any confrontation or violence.

"My 10-year old son was being verbally harassed before and after school by another kid calling him the "N" word and threatening him. I got this program and put it to work.  Within 10-days, the bully was expelled and the father banned from school grounds. Thank you Mr. Graden!"

Cory Davian

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