What Kids are Hiding from Their Parents.

Websites and apps for parents to be aware of.

Most parents will NEVER catch up with their kids in deciphering and navigating the online world.

Here are some site that are popular with kids that parents need to be aware of.


A flirting app used to meet new people through GPS location services. You can send messages, photos, videos, rate the hotness of other users, etc.


This is an image-based bulletin board website, divided into various boards whose subjects range from Pokémon to hardcore pornography.

Ask.fm–Is not a radio station.

Ask.fm is one of the most popular social networking sites that is almost exclusively used by kids. It is a Q&A site that allows users to ask other users questions while remaining anonymous.

KIK.com – Messenger App

Because it's an app, the texts won't show up on your kid's phone's messaging service, and you're not charged for them (beyond standard data rates).


GroupMe is aimed at older teens. The embedded GIFs and emojis have some adult themes, like drinking and sexy images.

BurnNote.com – Messenger App

Burn Notes is a messaging app that erases messages after a set period of time. The app allows users to send messages that will delete after being read once. The sender of the message can set a time limit on how long the receiver has to read the message before it vanishes forever.

Snapchat – Messenger App

Snapchat lets users put a time limit on the pictures and videos they send before they disappear. Most teens use the app to share goofy or embarrassing photos without the risk of them going public. 

Whisper – Social "Confessional" App

Whisper.sh allows users to post whatever's on their minds, paired with an image. Whispers are often sexual in nature. Some users use the app to try to hook up with people nearby, while others post "confessions" of desire.  People normally don't confess sunshine and rainbows; common Whisper topics include insecurity, depression, substance abuse, and various lies told to employers and teachers.

Yik Yak – Location-Based Social-Networking App

Yik Yak lets users post brief, Twitter-like comments to the 500 Yik Yak users nearby. It also reveals your location so the YikYak "friend" is really close by.


The name says it all. MeetMe has a "Match" feature so users can "secretly admire and hook up."


This is a chat site that puts two strangers together in their choice of a text chat or a video chat room. There is no registration required. Omegle makes it easy to hook up. Users get paired up with strangers. That's the whole premise of the app. This is not an app for kids and teens. Omegle is filled with people searching for sexual chat.

Omegle Alternative


Since sites like Omegle usually don't allow nudity many users have been looking for alternatives. Here it is.


There's lots of pornographic content


Can have explicit and sexual content. It's generally used for hook-ups instead of long-term dating relationships. Do not let kids on this app. 


Live streaming service. 

Down To Lunch– DTL is a hook up app.

This app is to connect people in a simple way on how to hook up for common events such as Lunch. Once launched, the app automatically invites all of your contacts to lunch.

Chatroulette.com and ChatAlternative.com

Is known as a “predator’s paradise." Chatroulette is an online chat website that pairs random users together for webcam-based conversations. Visitors to the website begin an online chat (text, audio and video) with another visitor.


On bazoocam you'll meet and chat strangers that live close to you and are using a webcam. It's 100% free and doesn't require registration.

Chatrandom.com/Chatrandom.com/girls and /Chatrandom.com/gay/

4chan is an anonymous image message board notorious for its controversial content

Apps that Hide messages, photos, videos, and other apps 


An all-in-one mobile hub for chatting, sharing photos and videos; free texting and video calls. Your kid can rack up some hefty in-app charges on Line as well. While the app says that minors need their parents’ permission to use it, there is no monitoring to ensure this takes place. 


The Calculator% app is private photos and videos hidden behind calculator. Anyone who starts this application looks as a calculator but if you put in passcode it will open up private area. All files are securely stored in the App and remain completely private and confidential.

Audio Manager–App

Audio Manager looks like a music manager, but it really a hide app.


Vaulty will not only store photos and videos away from parental spying eyes, but it also will snap a photo of anyone who tries to access the “vault” with the wrong password. Parents who find it on their teens’ phones can conclude just one thing: Your kid is hiding things from you.


This app allows users to make other apps “disappear” on their phone. Kids can hide any app they don’t want you to see by opening the app and selecting other apps.

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